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Marriage and the role of Gender!

Do you know what a breathalyzer is? The device that cops use to estimate whether a driver is drunk or not. Yes that one in which you breath into the device and it tells you whether you have had alcohol. Well, if there were a breathalyzer to detect the level of stress in a person at a certain point of time we would all be taking the test. It would become a household commodity like the weighing scale. People would measure stress every morning before leaving home and every night before sleeping. Psychiatrists and Psychologists would make you take the test before they call you in for an appointment. Now imagine if this device could measure the stress according to the category of stress - the alcohol analogy would be: measuring the alcohol content by the type of alcohol; how much whisky, how much beer, how much wine and how much vodka has been consumed? Take -stress due to family issues, stress due to social issues, stress due to personal issues, stress due to workplace issues and so on..…

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